Monday, December 5, 2016

Old time Selfie & In good company!

Not really sure why I decided to do this.  Perhaps it was encouragement from friends and fellow artists that have done it.  Perhaps it was seeing the self portrait show at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh!  For me the question was should I wait until I become a better painter or do it now before I get wrinkles!  Ha!  I'm not finished yet but thought I'd share with you.  Of course I had to be in silk my favorite thing to paint!

Allan Ramsay
Born 1713, Edinburgh, Scotland
Self Portrait about 1755, pastel & Watercolor on Paper

Hans Thoma
Born 1839 Bernau, Germany

Louis Janmot
Born 1814 Lyon France
Oil on Canvas

John Byrne's Self Portrait
Born 1940 Paisley, Scotland
This is my selfie at the Self Portrait Show

Rembrandt's self portrait needs no introduction!

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