Thursday, August 23, 2018

Preparing my panels for painting

I get asked quite often about the surface I paint on.  As more and more artists are using Dibond it is becoming very popular.  Dibond is the trade name for what I used in the Sign Industry for years to make outdoor signs.  It is a corrugated heavy plastic material sandwiched between two slices of Aluminum that has been painted.  It comes in many thicknesses but I used the 1/4".  In Tupelo I buy it from Duncan Signs and Shane cuts it exactly to size for me.

First off, I take my panel outside and with medium sandpaper I dull the finish of the polished panel and give the board some tooth so that my guesso with adheir well.

Then after wiping as much of the dust off outside as I can I bring it in and wipe down with denatured alcohol.  Once it is dry,

I apply Guesso.  Make sure your Guesso says it is an
Acrylic Dispersion Ground.  Golden Artist Colors is a good one.

I apply 3 coats of Guesso letting the layers dry about an hour between each layer.
I apply the layers vertically then horizontally then vertically again.  I just use a foam brush.

This gives the look of canvas.

The next day I take it outside again and sand a little with light sandpaper.
If I know the layout of the painting I like to sand where my head will be
to make sure it doesn't have any lines that may be distracting.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Alison Schuchs Photographer

Dear friends,

Part of the process of Art is to take my own photos for my paintings.  Painting is my first love but over the years I think I've gotten better at taking photos so I'm starting to offer photo sessions.  I mainly want to stick to what I'm best at and that is Bridal Photo sessions with just the bride.  No strings attached but of course I would love it if you would commission a painting from one of the photos.  I think that Weddings are such a wonderful event but usually on the big day not enough attention is given to taking photos of just the bride, that's why I think it's great to schedule a Bridal Session shortly after the wedding.  Most women agree, they will never look as good as they did on their wedding day.

I also enjoy taking photos of children

And offer a great price for Senior Sessions!  

Thanks for sharing this with your friends and helping to get the word out!

July update

I haven't been painting much this summer.  With my Grand-kids moving to Texas I spend part of the Summer with them before the big move.  I spent quite a bit of time volunteering at the Gumtree Museum of Art where I am a board member and was helping them with Membership.  I am also headed home to spend time with my Mum for my yearly trip to Scotland.  I spent a week at Church Camp helping out in the Crafts Cabin.

I finally got this painting framed.  I had taken it to the frame shop and was standing there in the frame shop trying on different frames when it hit me what I should do.  So I apologized profusely for taking up their time and headed to the thrift shop where I picked up some second hand frames and cut one of them down to size then painted it per my frame shop idea.  Most times it takes the act of doing something for inspiration to come.   It won't come by itself.  I love to re-purpose old things, especially when it's real wood and not the cheep made in China frames.

I also accomplished my first snow scene.  This commission was a challenge.  It was painted from the clients photo, which I rarely do and had to add a lot of shadows to make it work.  I also added the cat as they love their cats and have a few.   

"This home was built of hand-hewn, heart-of-pine lumber ca. 1836, and purchased in 1844 by John Tannehill. An 1887 remodeling added a second floor and a kitchen on the back connected by a breezeway. Also known as the Orr House, it is one of Fulton's oldest surviving residential structures."

Below, I started a commission of a clients Grand-Daughter.  You may remember I did one years ago in the same position, sitting on the same stairs.  The client wants all three of their Grands done.  I'm having a lot of fun with it. 

Below are some smaller paintings I did to take home with me for friends.
Just little studies for fun!  The first one was painted from a photo I took of some good
friends and x-neighbors who take me on the most amazing photo shoots 
when I go home to Scotland.  Such a fun couple. 

This is a small portrait of my best friend's daughter Cara.
I also painted her soon after learning how to paint but
think this is a vast improvement than the last.  lol

Friday, April 6, 2018

April Update of Paintings.

Gosh!  I'm not sure where the time goes.  Has it really been January since I have updated my blog!!!
I had to stop and think, well what have I been doing!  
Below I finished a painting, I had so much fun with.  At the February Reception of the Mississippi Bicentennial Art Exhibit at the Gumtree Museum of Art in Tupelo, MS, I happened to take this snapshot of Mr. & Mrs. Luckett.  I am a board member of the museum and try to show up at the receptions to promote them on social media.  When I got home, I just loved the contrast from the beautiful art in the background to what I am more familiar with, and that being the lovely portraits in the foreground.  I have had it on my mind to paint a painting that was more like a typical British Painting.  This lovely couple just screamed paint me.  The paintings in the background, which I had to get permission to paint are:  
Untitled by Fred Mitchell, 1961
Nature Morte by Becky Hendrick, 1980
and Configuration by Millicent Howell.

Here is the work in progress at my studio.  I still have the frame to paint and so I'll post a photo when I get through with it completely.

I love collecting Art.  Though we live in a house where there is not enough wall space I painted this portrait and will be swapping it with the talented Artist and my friend, Maria Tucci Hughes.  This is a painting of her daughter.  I hope to use more of the photos I took of her that day.  You can find them on my Facebook Photography page.

I love helping out our Community when I can.  Below are some donations I made this year already for Art Auctions.  The Denim & Diamonds event supports the Itawamba Crossroads Ranch which is just up the road from us and very dear to our heart.

The Gumtree Museum of Art's Guild host an Art Galla.  It was last weekend
and a great success.  

Our Mississippi Painters Society had a "Paint Out" at the 
Itawamba Historical Center in Mantachie, MS
The Bonds House.  To thank them for such a lovely day painting
with friends I donated this painting I did mostly on that day.
It was still cold though, so instead of painting from life, I took a photo
with my Ipad and we all painted inside where it was warm.

Bob Franks is the curator and head Genealogist there and as well as being so knowledgeable about the area.  He is a wonderful photographer.  Ya'll should go and follow him on Facebook.  His photos are a delight each day.  

I had a fun photo-shoot with my Art friend Jackie Massey.
She is a member of the Mississippi Painters Society.

So, that almost gets me up to date.  I have works available on my website for Sale.  Please contact me if you are interested in any.  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January painting finished.

It's not a great day to photograph on the porch but I wanted to update on another finished portrait.  This one is to go with one I did years ago of her sister.  It is painted on copper.


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Little Pewter Jug

A little painting of a pewter jug.
Brings back memories of my childhood in Scotland picking flowers from my Mum’s garden and placing them in this jug.
Dedicated to my Mum who still loves her garden.
She sprouted love like flowers,
Grew a garden in her mind,
And even on the darkest days,
From her smile the sun still shined.
Poem by Erin Hanson

Monday, October 2, 2017

Portrait of my Mum finished

For the Month of October you can go by Itawamba Community College Gallery and see a show by the Mississippi Painters Society.  I have 2 of my Underwater Series in the Show.  There will be a reception on the 27th October at 1pm.

I finally finished the portrait of my Mum.  I took the photo when I was home in the Spring.  She was in my old bedroom which has great North Light coming in the window.  I loved the contrast of light.  One of the hardest thing about life is having to say goodbye to this lovely lady each time I visit.  It's not just down the road, or even in the next town or state but we are devided by thousands of miles as she is in Scotland and I am in Mississippi.  All this has been heavy on my heart lately as my own daughter and family moved to another state.  A better move for them and I'm happy for them, but I am still trying to adjust  "Leaving".


It wasn't planned but the cup in the portrait is the 2nd cup I have painted in portraits that was handpainted by my Gran.