Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dress Up

My grand daughters and their friends know better than to play dress up!  I always have to drag my camera out!

Sheffield Manor Commission

I recently finished this Sheffield Manor commission.  Something a little bit different.  I'm not used to painting houses and trees but all in all I think it turned out ok.  Luckily the house is not far from where I live so I was able to drop by at different times of the day to get just the right photo as well as do some plein air studies from life.  It is 30" x 48" which is larger than normal also.  I can't wait to see it famed and hung in this lovely Southern Home.  Thinking of having a wedding or event, check out Sheffield Manon in Fulton, Mississippi.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Grand daughters are FUN!

Here are another two shots from last weekend's "Dress up and Act out" session at Nana's House.  I'm not sure who has the most fun, my grand daughter's or myself.  You never know what is going to happen next when you have willing kids and an artsy Nana!  lol

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Underwater Painting!

Started another underwater painting in January.  
Will post an update soon!

Dress Up Fun!

I love that my Grand Daughter's love to dress up!  To me there is nothing "funner" than to dress up and step into the imagination of young children.  The girls were at the house last weekend and they decided to dress up, choosing the dress themselves and I suggested instead of just taking photos they act out little stories.  We had so much fun!  I promised them that this week I would put backgrounds to their photos to match some of the stories they had.  The backgrounds are taken from the internet but they were posted as free and I'm not reselling these photos or anything so I think it's ok just for this purpose.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Old time Selfie & In good company!

Not really sure why I decided to do this.  Perhaps it was encouragement from friends and fellow artists that have done it.  Perhaps it was seeing the self portrait show at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh!  For me the question was should I wait until I become a better painter or do it now before I get wrinkles!  Ha!  I'm not finished yet but thought I'd share with you.  Of course I had to be in silk my favorite thing to paint!

Allan Ramsay
Born 1713, Edinburgh, Scotland
Self Portrait about 1755, pastel & Watercolor on Paper

Hans Thoma
Born 1839 Bernau, Germany

Louis Janmot
Born 1814 Lyon France
Oil on Canvas

John Byrne's Self Portrait
Born 1940 Paisley, Scotland
This is my selfie at the Self Portrait Show

Rembrandt's self portrait needs no introduction!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Offering paintings for Sale

Sorry, I have been busy and not updated my blog like I should.
Above is a photo of me and the band Clanadonia in Glasgow
that I took when I was home in October.  Tu Bardh is not wearing
his hat but I think you will recognize him from the painting.

Back from my trip home to Scotland and busy
sanding panels for painting this winter.

This underwater painting is for Sale!
I took photos of me with the painting to
show the scale of the painting.

This is a photo taken from our house.
Life on the lake!

This painting of Tu Bardh is for Sale!

This painting of the Tupelo Civic Ballet is for Sale!