Wednesday, January 16, 2019

All framed up.

I love it when clients post photos of paintings framed and in place.  Paintings become like babies, or at least part of you, so it's nice to follow where they end up.  These frames are handmade by Phillip Collums locally.  They are outstanding.  I was so proud to be a part of this.

Dunoon Mugs

Just some thoughts this morning on remembering my daughter Carrie.  I don't hear her name much anymore.  I'm part of that club/group of people who have lost a child.  It's not a group I would wish anyone to join.  The toughest thing I have ever gone through and still go through.  This morning I reached for this cup to make my morning cup of tea.  I still feel guilty using this cup.  It is part of a group of 10 cups that Carrie bought.  She was in my hometown of Dunoon on holiday and it is known for it's Dunoon Mugs, they always made good gifts to bring back home and we love using them.  The fine china keeps the liquid in them hotter longer than most cups.  So Carrie bought these 10, all different Artist's work represented on them.  She wanted them for her own home one day and was going to put them aside for then, using money her Gran had given her on the trip.  The hard part was packing them in a suitcase for the bumpy car, boat, and 3 plane's home.  They all managed to get here (USA) in one piece.  So here I am using her cups, since Carrie is gone, feeling guilty but Carrie also had a wonderful sense of humor and I know she would find something funny to say about it all if she were here.  The funny thing is, I wasn't into art when Carrie bought these.  I probably couldn't even have told you all the artist's names that the paintings were by on the cups.  I took up drawing 5 years after she died.  She was the artist.

My New Studio

I should have posted these photos before now but I wanted my daughter and family to see the studio in life before I posted photos.  My husband did a great job of transforming half our basement in to a studio space.  I was using a small bedroom upstairs but we needed the bedroom back for when family and people come to visit.  The outside is not finished yet and we need to work on a pathway to the studio but all that will come when the weather warms up.

In the addition I have a lovely window and view of the lake.

I love my Barn Door.

Mike also installed the carpet himself.

These are my favorite art books.  All of them are outstanding 
and definitely recommended reading for new artists.

My Happy Place!

Stay tuned for outdoor photos when we get to it.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Why Buy Art?

Few people plant trees for today or themselves.  You plant trees for your grandchildren.  Buying original art for enjoyment is also like buying a lottery ticket or baseball cards.  The future is as weird and unpredictable as the past. 

In 2004 the Memphis Antiques Roadshow appraised a painting by Grandmaw Moses, "The Old Checkered House" for $60,000 originally purchased for $10.  (I love that show!)  In 2006 her work "Sugaring Off" became her highest selling work at $1.2 Million.  Van Gogh gave his "Portrait of Doctor Felix Rey" to Dr. Rey.  The physician was not fond of the painting and used it to repair a chicken coop, then gave it away.  In 2016 the portrait was housed at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and estimated to be worth over $50 million.  

There are so many similar stories I could fill a book.  Plant a tree!  Fill your house with original art, commission a portrait of your child, go to estate sales and enjoy Antiques Roadshow.  When you sleep dream of your child being president and a wealth collector.

By a Patron of the Arts
A.K.A.  Mike Schuchs

In November I was set up at a local Christmas Bazaar.  I showed my work but also demonstrated painting a portrait.  It was so much fun to hear the children's comments as they watched me and I met old and new friends.  A fun day!

Portrait of my Mother "Leaving" won 2nd place at the Mississippi Painters Society Show.
Leaving is always hard but even harder as she battles dementia.  

Time to get back to Christmas Commissions. 
Thank you for joining me in this Art Journey!

Alison McLean Schuchs

New Studio

I am putting the finishing touches on my new studio today.  I am going to share photos of it in my December Newsletter which will go out tomorrow.  If you haven't signed up already just click on the link to the side of this post.  Or you can find links on my website and Art Facebook page.  Here is a sneak peak of the door and a scrap piece  I painted for practice.

Adding Antique Wax!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Oil Painting of a boy!

Here are some progress shots of my portrait for a client.  I also painted her grand daughter years ago.  It is 24 x 30"  I didn't take the photo on this one but local photographer Laura Gibson did.  So I want to make sure and give her credit.  

Here are both paintings side by side

It was so much fun to paint!

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Painting with Metal Leaf

I have enjoyed using Metal Leaf as a background.  Here are some paintings with Gold, Silver and Copper leaf.

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