Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Esperando La Niña


 I'm sorry I have so much trouble updating my blog.  I find it easier to post on FaceBook as it will also share it on Instagram.  Then I try and update TikTok and Twitter.  lol.  I'd rather be painting.  I really envy the famous Scottish Artist Jack Vettriano.  I watched a documentary about him and he has "people" that take care of things for him.  He even has a set of photographers that help him set up his subjects and take the photos for him.  He has it made.  I especially find this process hard because of my Aphantasia, I have ideas but not pictures in my head, so I can't really tell if something will work until I get it all organized, model, place, lighting, color of clothes etc.  It's a lot to figure out.  So this painting is revisiting a model I had already photographed and painted in the "Girl with the Gold Earrings.  What a lovely lovely model Jasmin was.  Thank you for bearing with me but if you want more posts, please check out my FaceBook. 

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