Thursday, December 20, 2018

Why Buy Art?

Few people plant trees for today or themselves.  You plant trees for your grandchildren.  Buying original art for enjoyment is also like buying a lottery ticket or baseball cards.  The future is as weird and unpredictable as the past. 

In 2004 the Memphis Antiques Roadshow appraised a painting by Grandmaw Moses, "The Old Checkered House" for $60,000 originally purchased for $10.  (I love that show!)  In 2006 her work "Sugaring Off" became her highest selling work at $1.2 Million.  Van Gogh gave his "Portrait of Doctor Felix Rey" to Dr. Rey.  The physician was not fond of the painting and used it to repair a chicken coop, then gave it away.  In 2016 the portrait was housed at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and estimated to be worth over $50 million.  

There are so many similar stories I could fill a book.  Plant a tree!  Fill your house with original art, commission a portrait of your child, go to estate sales and enjoy Antiques Roadshow.  When you sleep dream of your child being president and a wealth collector.

By a Patron of the Arts
A.K.A.  Mike Schuchs

In November I was set up at a local Christmas Bazaar.  I showed my work but also demonstrated painting a portrait.  It was so much fun to hear the children's comments as they watched me and I met old and new friends.  A fun day!

Portrait of my Mother "Leaving" won 2nd place at the Mississippi Painters Society Show.
Leaving is always hard but even harder as she battles dementia.  

Time to get back to Christmas Commissions. 
Thank you for joining me in this Art Journey!

Alison McLean Schuchs

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