Wednesday, December 30, 2020

On the Easel "Veracruz"

 Just finished a new painting in my Hispanic Heritage Series.  These two painting models are actually sisters.  What fun it was painting them both.  Again, if you want to see videos of the paintings please check that out on my Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.  Got three more paintings lined up to take photos next week, so I'm so excited I have trouble sleeping.  I always get nervous when taking photos.  I think it's because I am putting other people out.  My models dress in costume, travel, take time off etc. and I know I can easily forget something.  One model session I had my camera setting on jpg instead of raw.  I took the photos thinking I could edit them in raw, which gives you more leeway to fix mistakes I make.  

To say goodbye to 2020 I decided to make a fun painting of Frida Kahlo.
I painted this yesterday afternoon.  Again, video on other platforms.
It has been a tough year for me.  Not as tough as others have it and I have much to be
grateful for.  Onward and Upward, as they say!  Wishing you and yours
the best for 2021!

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