Thursday, February 25, 2021

Monarch Butterfly Painting


The painting of the Monarch Butterfly was inspired by the Hispanic belief about the Monarch, correlating with "Dia de los Muertos".  I am intrigued with Dia de los Muertos and plan do a series of paintings on the theme.  Having lost a child, I think it's honorable and healing to acknowledge those gone in this way each year.  The British way is to not mention their name, to cause embarrassment or uneasy responses.  To me this painting also speaks about holding on too tight and not returning to the world of the living.  Perhaps in grief hanging on to things that are not healthy for us.  We can't control what happened and have to learn to control the consequences, one day at a time.  Will this girl suffocate the butterfly or let it go?  She is taking part and indeed longing to be like the butterfly by painting her face to match, but only half her face as she is living in two worlds.  

Thank you to Sherrie Sandell who wrote this beautiful poem to go with the painting on Monarch.  I knew Sherrie when she lived in Tupelo but had no idea she was a Poet.  

It was hard to photograph the painting because of the gold leaf background.
Thank you to my Model and exquisite crown maker, Shylo Ochoa, check out her other work at Works of Heart by Shylo.  Also my amazing friend who did the hair and makeup and faceprint for the photoshoot, Aundrea Victoria Salinas, owner and founder of Velocity Studio Spa.

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